Thursday 10 January 2019

Student Feedback system - overview

Over the last few blog posts I have aimed to break down the student feedback system that was developed for the Law department. Here I look to summarise the project for you and bring it all together with the necessary links so you have the resources to download a version of the system yourself.

The department was assessing student contribution to learning activities and wanted to have a process for giving students some feedback at the end of each term. Tutors were already using a Google form to write up notes for files however this did not go to students, something they wanted the solution to do. This process needed to be automated to save tutor/admin time and it needed to account for a student having two tutors who would want to be able to collaborate (not something a Google form allows). The solution also needed to be flexible for part-time tutors to complete it - so online and available from any location.

Solution - Overview
  • A master spreadsheet containing all students (400+), their Group code and the two tutors of that Group (20+ tutors in total).
  • Apps Script to bulk create a Google sheet file for each individual Group (36 in total) and to copy across only students belonging to that Group. To also put a link to the Google sheet file back in the master sheet.
  • Apps Script to provide the relevant tutors with edit access to these Group files and copy their details into them.
  • A welcome sheet for tutors to access that would provide a dropdown box with a list of students and a button to launch a HTML form to give student feedback.
  • A HTML form with dropdown boxes for ratings and a free comment box. Logic built in to prevent overriding comments from another tutor but making feedback visible (read-only) for collaboration.
  • Apps Script to email students of a Group with their feedback and write a date-timestamp after each succession. An overall date-timestamp then written back to the master spreadsheet for that particular Group.
  • Apps Script to create a Google doc for each student containing their feedback, which could be downloaded out of Google drive. To also put a link to the Google doc in the master sheet against each individual student.

Solution - Scripts
Here are the links to the relevant previous blog posts that form the system:

Solution - Download
Here are the 3 files that make up the student feedback system. They have been cleaned of data and you will need to complete the config sheets with the relevant IDs to link them together:
  1. Law Student Feedback Master.xlsx
  2. Law Student Feedback Group Template.xlsx
  3. Law Student Feedback Doc.doc

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