Tuesday 23 January 2024

Google Add-on: Auto Close Form

What it does

The Add-on allows you to have a Google Form automatically close when a set number of responses has been reached or on a specific date. You define exactly how many responses or the date, per form, and then leave it to run in the background. Once a Form has closed you will receive an automated email informing you.

Example uses:

  • Sign ups to an event/workshop/conference.
  • A limited time offer.
  • Submission deadlines.

Find out more

Auto Close Form Add-on webpage - includes instructions and demo videos.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Drive API - get file information

The following Google Apps Script is a snippet of code where I was learning how to use the Drive API to query a folder of files, to extract some specific file information. It is designed to work on both My/Shared drives.

Information to Extract

  • Name;
  • Type (e.g. Doc, Sheet);
  • ID;
  • Creation date;
  • Last modified date;
  • Clickable link;
  • Owners

Enable Drive API

Please follow the steps to enable the 'Drive API' Service if you are not working from a copy of the file in this post.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Google Add-on: Form Calendar Invites

What it does

The Add-on allows you to link a Google Form™ with Google Calendar™ events so that when people complete the Form and select a particular title/date/time from it, they are sent an automated email invite to one of the respective Calendar events.

This allows you to have Calendar events with all guests attached to it such as for conferences, workshops, drop-ins, training sessions, etc. Therefore any changes to an event (description/conferencing, etc) will be reflected for all guests - just like any other event.

Sessions listed in the Form can be selected

Find out more

Form Calendar Invites Add-on webpage - includes instructions and demo videos.