Bulk Rename Files Add-on

Last updated 07 February 2022

What it does

Bulk rename Google Drive™ files quickly and easily with this Add-on. You define exactly what you want to search for in the file name and the text to replace it with.


Install the Add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace

  1. You can access the tool from anywhere in Google Drive™ by clicking the 'Show side panel' button at the far bottom right of the screen. Then select the 'Bulk Rename Files' icon to open the Add-on (if you already had your Google Drive™ open when you installed the Add-on then you may need to refresh the page first for the new icon to appear).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to click once on the Google Drive™ folder that contains the files you wish to rename (do not double-click to go into the folder).
  3. Now enter the text for the part of the file name you wish to search for and then the text for what you want to replace it with. Note: if you are wanting to remove part of the file name then simply leave the replacement-text option at the bottom alone.
  4. Click the 'START' button when you are ready and an animated icon will appear. Note: due to Google™ limitations it can only run for up to 25 seconds at a time. After which you will receive a prompt to 'RESUME' in order to continue your progress, if there are still files to rename. Alternatively you can click 'CANCEL' at this point if you do not wish to continue.
  5. Once complete you will see a success message with the total number of files worked through and how many of those were renamed.

Privacy Policy

Who is requesting Google user data? I am an individual developer making my tools available to all that want to use them. All of the data is stored within the Google™ environment, I am the only one with access to it and it is not shared with any third parties. There are no ads and no emails generated from any of the data. No other personal/sensitive data is collected and processed by me.

What data are you requesting? This Add-on accesses your own Google Drive™ in order to be able to view and edit your folders/files (specifically the file names). It only accesses this information when you are directly using the Add-on and does not transfer/store it anywhere else outside of Google™. Data it specifically handles includes:

  • The Google Drive™ folder ID, Name and Type (eg folder vs file).
  • The Google Drive™ file Name and Type (eg folder vs file).

Why are you requesting Google user data? The Add-on needs access to your Google Drive™ in order to be able to read your folders/files and then make the necessary edits to the file names.

The 'Bulk Rename Files' app's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Terms of Service

This Add-on is free for use. You accept the Privacy Policy when installing the tool and will not attempt to interfere with its functionality. As an individual developer I take no responsibility for any adverse effects when using this Add-on, but I intend to make every effort to maintain it going forwards and ensure its functionality. It is your responsibility to use the tool correctly and securely.

You will not attempt to copy the Add-on.

Feedback & Support

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