Tuesday 26 September 2023

Google Add-on: Bulk Rename Files update September 2023

What it does

Bulk rename Google Drive files quickly and easily with this Add-on. You define exactly what you want to search for in the file name and the text to replace it with. Along with options for handling special characters and append/prepend to the existing file name. Works across My/Shared drives.


  • Bulk rename folders
    • A new tickbox feature has been added to now allow you to rename folders.


Find out more

Bulk Rename Files Add-on webpage - includes instructions and demo videos.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Autofill Google Sheet Formula each day

The following Google Apps Script is designed to check a Google Sheet once per day and if the date is in the past it Autofills another row with the existing formulas used across the columns. This post is a variation of the Autofill Google Sheet Formula one.

Autofill Google Sheet formulas each day
Autofill Google Sheet formulas each day