Tuesday 2 July 2024

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Correct date formats in a Google Sheet

The following Google Apps Script is just one way you could search through data within a Google Sheet, pinpoint all date-values (no matter where they are), check their format (e.g. dd/mm/yyyy) and update it to a format of your choosing if necessary.

This function has been useful when American/British date formats have managed to make their way into a Google Sheet.

Screenshot showing difference between American/British date formats
Screenshot showing difference between American/British date formats

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Google Add-on: Send Recurring Emails

What it does

Easily send recurring emails at a frequency of your choosing e.g. every 7 days, every 27 days, every 1 month, etc.

Write your email(s) once, select your start date, frequency, recipient(s), then kick back and relax. The tool will automatically check every day at a time that you specify to see if any emails need sending.

Example uses:
  • Newsletter submissions.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Team meetings.
  • Attendance checks.

Demo video

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Tuesday 7 May 2024

Google Add-on: Bulk Calendar Events

What it does

Bulk create Google Calendar™ events with optional video conferencing (Google Meet™). Add location, guests, change the event visibility, colour and much more.

Example uses:
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Events
  • 1:1s

Demo video

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Tuesday 9 April 2024

onFormSubmit Trigger simultaneous executions

The following post is a caution around onFormSubmit triggers after I recently discovered a way that somebody had inadvertently managed to execute my code simultaneously over 253 times. Now unless a Google Form is submitted by 253 individuals all at the same time ... then this is baffling.

When should an onFormSubmit trigger run?

At the point when a Google Form has been completed and the 'Submit' button pressed.

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Probation Tracker Tool

The following Google Apps Script tool was developed to allow you to easily be reminded of when upcoming probation review meetings are due. Enter the details into the Google Sheet, including upcoming review dates, and the tool will automatically email the Line Manager both 14 days before and on the day of the review date.

Manage probation review dates in a spreadsheet and be sent reminder emails

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Totally Unscripted: Level Up Your Productivity: Unboxing the Gift of Apps Script

Are you looking for ways to supercharge your productivity with Google Apps Script? Then this episode of Totally Unscripted is for you!

Join us as we explore how Google Apps Script is being used to make a real impact in productivity. Our guest speaker, Phil Bainbridge, is an experienced IT specialist at the University of York and author of 'The Gift of Script.' He will share his insights on how Google Apps Script can be used to automate tasks, create custom solutions, and enhance your workflow. As part of this episode we will discover how Phil and other members of York’s Digital Inclusion, Skills & Creativity team support digital literacy development in Google Workspace and Apps Script as well as the solutions they have created to improve productivity.

20 March 2024 at 7pm.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Replace text in a Google Doc with an image

The following Google Apps Script is designed to search the body of a Google Doc for a specific string/pattern (i.e. a keyword) and insert an image in place of it, optionally making it a clickable hyperlink too.


In this example the code is designed to sit behind the Google Doc so it is bound to it. There are 4 pieces of information to complete in order to setup the script:

  1. searchText - this is the unique string/pattern in the Doc that you want to replace with an image e.g. "<<keyword>>"

  2. imageURL - this is the direct link to the image in Google Drive that you wish to use in the Doc.

  3. size - a numerical value representing the number of pixels for the image's width/height.

  4. hyperlinkURL - if you want the image to be clickable then provide a link for it.