Tuesday 5 October 2021

Bulk convert Google Docs to PDFs 2.0

As of February 2023 this tool is now available as a Google Workspace Marketplace Add-on.

The following Google Apps Script tool is designed to bulk convert all Google Docs within a given Google Drive folder into PDFs. You can choose the destination folder for the PDFs to be put into and also whether you want the original Docs to be deleted. This tool does work on Shared drives.

Improvements / Features

  1. Maximum runtime - in order to prevent the tool from reaching the limits imposed by Google you can adjust the number of minutes the tool can run for. Change this in the 'GlobalVariables.gs' file in the Script Editor.
  2. Continue from where it left off - if you have a lot of Google Docs to convert and the above runtime is reached the tool will save its progress and prompt you to run it again, avoiding any file duplication.
  3. HTML popup - as well as the 'Log' sheet the tool now displays a direct popup to the user if it encounters a problem.
  4. PDF counter - after successfully running the tool will include the number of PDFs created as part of the success popup to the user.