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Last updated 29 April 2024

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What it does

Easily send recurring emails at a frequency of your choosing e.g. every 7 days, every 27 days, every 1 month, etc.

Write your email(s) once, select your start date, frequency, recipient(s), then kick back and relax. The tool will automatically check every day at a time that you specify to see if any emails need sending.

Example uses:
  • Newsletter submissions.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Team meetings.
  • Attendance checks.


April 2024
  • Now available.


  1. Install the Add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace™.

  2. You must ensure you are not logged into any other Google™ Account at the same time when accessing this tool.

  3. You can access the tool from within any Google Sheet™ by clicking the 'Extensions' menu, then 'Send Recurring Emails'.

  4. Create Email Sheet:

    1. Follow the on-screen instructions here to create the template sheet that will enable you to add your email content. Note: if this sheet already exists then it will be overwritten.

    2. You must not move any of the columns around otherwise the tool will break. It is one email per row, so you can schedule a number of them. You do not need to add every single recurring email at this point, but if you do start a row then make sure you complete it.

    3. In order to provide you with flexibility and formatting options for your email(s) please see the section below on creating HTML email content.

  5. Create Daily Check:

    1. Before selecting this option you may wish to ensure your Google Sheet™ Time zone is accurate for your location: go to File > Settings > Time zone.

    2. After selecting this option from the menu you will be presented with a dialogue box asking you to choose when you want the tool to perform its daily check to see if any emails need sending. Note: this is also the time during which any emails will be sent. Unfortunately Google™ does not allow you to be more specific with exactly when, so they are 1 hour timeslots.

    3. Once you are happy click the 'Create Daily Check' button. After a pause of just a few seconds you will be presented with a success message.

    4. All done! This runs automatically in the background each day so you do not need to keep the Sheet open and nor does your PC need leaving switched on. You can continue to append/delete/edit further emails as you require without repeating this step.

  6. Also note the FAQ section below.

  7. Uninstall - if you no longer wish to use the tool please use the 'Delete Daily Check' option from the menu first and then remove the tool in the normal way via Google Workspace Marketplace™.

HTML email content

In order to provide you with full flexibility and formatting options (bold, italics, underline, hyperlink text, etc) you will need to use a little bit of HTML formatting when writing your email content in the Google Sheet™.

Use the ‘Email Message’ sheet as a safe space to practise getting the email format you require. Enter your text in cell A2 only and click out of the cell once you are finished.

Below is an example of some formatting using bold (<b></b>), new line (<br>), hyperlink text (<a href=””</a>):

What it will look like in the Google Sheet™:
Please can you submit your <b>Newsletter proposal</b> before Friday.<br><br>
<a href="">The Gift of Script website.</a><br><br>
Kind regards

What it will look like in the Email:

Please can you submit your Newsletter proposal before Friday.

Kind regards

Demo video


  1. I have multiple recurring emails set up and need to stop just one of them from running, how do I do this? The best option would be to delete that specific row. You do not need to uninstall the tool if you have other scheduled emails that you still want to send.


  1. This Add-on has a 14 day free trial period then requests a monthly subscription of £2.50 (British Pounds) to continue using it and all features. No adverts, no in-app purchases, no price increases.
  2. PayPal™ handles all of the payment process - I do not see or store any payment information. You do not require a PayPal™ account - there is a 'guest' checkout option.
  3. Enter your Google™ account email address in the box below before clicking the button so that your licence can be correctly assigned.
  4. The first payment should be processed within 2 hours. Please close down and re-launch the Add-on after this time.
  5. Licences are for named users rather than seats. For bulk adding users please use the Google Form™ at the bottom of this page to provide further details and I will get you set up (e.g. users on your domain).
  6. Refunds will not be given. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can either do so through your PayPal account (which will be immediate) or use the support Form (you must give at least 5 working days notice). Once cancelled your licence will be revoked.
  7. Use the button below to subscribe.
Email address for licence:

Privacy Policy

Who is requesting Google user data? I am an individual developer making my tools available to all that want to use them. All of the data is stored within the Google™ environment, I am the only one with access to it and it is not shared with any third parties. There are no ads and no emails generated from any of the data. No other personal/sensitive data is collected and processed by me.

What data are you requesting? This Add-on accesses any Google Sheet™ you install it on to be able to create the necessary tabs for your recurring emails. It also has the ability to send emails on your behalf.

It access this information both when using the Add-on directly and for each day you have the Daily Check set up. It does not transfer/store data anywhere else outside of Google™. Data it specifically handles includes:

  • Your Google™ email address so that your licence can be assigned and account validated when you run the Add-on. In addition to sending your emails.

Why are you requesting Google user data? The Add-on needs access to your email address so that it can send your recurring emails

Data retention or deletion? Only your email address is stored and this is for the purpose of managing your trial/licence. No other personal information is retained.

Data protection mechanisms for sensitive data? Beyond collecting your email address for licence purposes the Add-on does not collect or store sensitive data. There is only one Google™ account with access to your email address and any logs that are stored entirely within Google™ itself (for troubleshooting purposes) and this has 2-Step Verification enabled in addition to Google™'s own built-in security designed to detect and block threats like spam, phishing and malware. Google™ themselves encrypt data in-transit and at-rest using strong industry standards and practices.

The 'Send Recurring Emails' app's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Terms of Service

You accept all conditions on this webpage when installing the tool and will not attempt to interfere with its functionality. As an individual developer I take no responsibility for any adverse effects when using this Add-on, but I intend to make every effort to maintain it going forwards and ensure its functionality. It is your responsibility to use the tool correctly and securely.

You will not attempt to copy the Add-on.

Feedback & Support

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