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Last updated 29 April 2024

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What it does

The Add-on allows you to have a Google Form™ automatically close when a set number of responses has been reached or on a specific date. You define exactly how many responses or the date, per form, and then leave it to run in the background. Once a Form has closed you will receive an automated email informing you.

Example uses:

  • Sign ups to an event/workshop/conference.
  • A limited time offer.
  • Submission deadlines.


January 2024

  • Add-on now available!


  1. Install the Add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace™.

  2. You can access the Add-on from anywhere in Google Response Sheets™ by clicking the 'Show side panel' button at the far bottom right of the screen. Then select the 'Auto Close Form' icon to open the Add-on (if you already had your Google Response Sheet™ open when you installed the Add-on then you may need to refresh the page first for the new icon to appear).

  3. Click the Get Started button so you are on the Setup screen. Then either enter the maximum number of Form responses you want before it automatically closes, or select the date on which you wish the Form to close (note this will be midnight +/- 15 minutes, as determined by Google™).

  4. Once you have completed one of the options click the Install button. There will be a pause of up to 10 seconds whilst this processes.

  5. Success! The Add-on will now automatically run in the background. You can now close the Add-on.

  6. You will need to repeat the above process for any other Forms you wish to use it on.

  7. Also note the FAQ and Google Quotas sections below.


  1. Once you have installed the Add-on it is set up per Google Form™ which means you have the flexibility of configuring it as required.

  2. To access the uninstall options use the Remove Settings button on the Setup screen, where you will then be presented with 2 options. You will need to perform this step logged in as the original Google™ account that set it up in the first instance. Note that using the Remove Settings options will not impact the functionality of your Google Form™ in any way, nor will it affect any of the data you have collected, they simply stop the automation of users being added to the Calendar events.

    1. Remove Single - use this button to remove all settings for the current Google Sheet only. No other Forms/Sheet will be affected

    2. Remove All - use this button to remove all settings for all Google Sheets that you have configured with the Add-on.

  3. After performing the above, if you wish to remove the Add-on completely, please return to the Google Workspace Marketplace™ and uninstall it.

Demo video


1. Does the Add-on count the number of responses in the Form itself or in the Google Response Sheet?

It looks at the number of responses collected by the Form itself - via the 'Responses' tab - not the Google Sheet.

2. If I clear the responses from the Form or delete individual ones, will this automatically be detected by the Add-on?

> Yes. The Add-on will see a lower number of responses and will not do anything until your limit has been reached. Any responses you delete in the Google Sheet™ will not be detected however.

3. Is it possible for an additional submission to be made as the Form is automatically closing?

> Yes. As with most Add-ons of this nature there is nothing to prevent two people from submitting the Form at exactly the same time. Even though it only takes a couple of seconds for the Add-on to run and close the Form, they may slip through. It is recommended you check the responses yourself.

Google Quotas

There are a number of quotas imposed by Google™ themselves which may impact some users if you have heavily used Forms. These quotas automatically reset every 24 hours and apply collectively for every Google Form™ the Add-on is installed for i.e. it is not per Form. I have expanded on these below and they are correct as of 24 December 2023.
  • Triggers total runtime - each time your Google Form™ is submitted it does a little bit of processing to check the current number of responses. If we say this takes about 7 seconds each time, then for Consumer accounts (90 min / day) that is 771 Form submissions allowed each day. For Google Workspace accounts (6 hr / day) that is 3,085 Form submissions.
    • Workaround - if you have a lot of Forms where you wish to use the Add-on then consider using multiple Google™ accounts to set them up as each account gets its own quota.


  1. This Add-on has a 14 day free trial period then requests a monthly subscription of £2.50 (British Pounds) to continue using it and all features. No adverts, no in-app purchases, no price increases.
  2. Each time your Google Form™ is submitted, where the Add-on has been installed, your licence is verified. If you reach the end of your trial period you will receive a trial expiration email instead and whilst your Forms will continue to function they will not be closed when the set number of responses has been reached. You can then either uninstall the Add-on or purchase a licence and once processed the Add-on will continue to function (and your Form close automatically, though they may have already reached their cap at this point).
  3. PayPal™ handles all of the payment process - I do not see or store any payment information. You do not require a PayPal™ account - there is a 'guest' checkout option.
  4. Enter your Google™ account email address in the box below before clicking the button so that your licence can be correctly assigned.
  5. The first payment should be processed within 2 hours. Please close down and re-launch the Add-on after this time.
  6. Licences are for named users rather than seats. For bulk adding users please use the Google Form™ at the bottom of this page to provide further details and I will get you set up (e.g. select users on your domain).
  7. Refunds will not be given. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can either do so through your PayPal account (which will be immediate) or use the support Form (you must give at least 5 working days notice). Once cancelled your licence will be revoked.
  8. Use the button below to subscribe.

Email address for licence:

Privacy Policy

Who is requesting Google user data?

I am an individual developer making my Add-ons available to all that want to use them. All of the data is stored within the Google™ environment, I am the only one with access to it and it is not shared with any third parties. There are no ads and no emails generated from any of the data. No other personal/sensitive data is collected and processed by me.

What data are you requesting?

This Add-on accesses a limited amount of data in order to be able to connect to your Google Form™. It does this both when using the Add-on directly and for every Form submission going forwards, where you have specifically installed it.

The Add-on does not transfer/store your data anywhere else outside of Google™. Data it specifically handles includes:

  • Your Google™ email address so that your licence can be assigned and account validated when you run the Add-on. In addition to sending you an automated email when your Form has been closed or should the Add-on fail - so that you know an issue has occurred.

Why are you requesting Google user data?

In order for the Add-on to function it needs to connect to your Google Response Sheet and corresponding Form.  As it run automatically once you have installed it the data needs to be stored somewhere readily available and that is in your own document, not in any of mine.

The 'Auto Close Form' Add-on's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Terms of Service

You accept all conditions on this webpage when installing the tool and will not attempt to interfere with its functionality. As an individual developer I take no responsibility for any adverse effects when using this Add-on, but I intend to make every effort to maintain it going forwards and ensure its functionality. 

It is your responsibility to use the Add-on correctly and securely, to read and understand the information presented on this page before proceeding. If you are not happy with any of this then do not use the Add-on.

You will not attempt to copy the Add-on.

Feedback & Support

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