Please find below links to the official Add-ons I have developed and that are available in the Google Workspace Marketplace:

Send Recurring Emails Add-on

Easily send recurring emails at a frequency of your choosing e.g. every 7 days, every 27 days, every 1 month, etc. Write your email(s) once, select your start date, frequency, recipient(s), then kick back and relax. The tool will automatically check every day at a time that you specify to see if any emails need sending.

Bulk Calendar Events Add-on

Bulk create Google Calendar™ events with optional video conferencing (Google Meet™). Add location, guests, change the event visibility, colour and much more.

Auto Close Form Add-on

The Add-on allows you to have a Google Form automatically close when a set number of responses has been reached or on a specific date. You define exactly how many responses or the date, per form, and then leave it to run in the background. Once a Form has closed you will receive an automated email informing you.

Form Calendar Invites Add-on

This Add-on allows you to link a Google Form with Google Calendar events so that when people complete the Form and select a particular title/date/time from it, they are sent an automated email invite to one of the respective Calendar events. This allows you to have Calendar events with all guests attached to it such as for conferences, workshops, training sessions, etc.


Bulk convert Google Drive files quickly and easily with this Add-on. Convert between Google, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc. Point the Add-on at a Google Drive folder, select the file types you want to convert, select your destination folder and whether you want the original file to be deleted, then hit go!

Bulk Rename Files Add-on

Bulk rename Google Drive™ files/folders quickly and easily with this Add-on. You define exactly what you want to search for in the file/folder name and the text to replace it with. Along with options for handling special characters, regular expressions and append/prepend to the existing file/folder name. Works across My/Shared drives.

Easily move/archive a row of data from one Google Sheet (tab) to another, within the same file. If you prefer something a bit quicker than cut/paste and with less chance of human-error. It will also remember your individual preferences for each file so it is even quicker to use next time around.

Search Drive for owned files Add-on

This Add-on will search your entire Google Drive™ for all of the files that you are the 'owner' of and collate their details into a single Google Sheet™ (ID, clickable link, file type, creation/modified dates and the folder path).