Please find below links to the official Add-ons I have developed and that are available in the Google Workspace Marketplace:

Bulk Rename Files Add-on

Bulk rename Google Drive files quickly and easily with this Add-on. You define exactly what you want to search for in the file name and the text to replace it with.

Easily move/archive a row of data from one Google Sheet (tab) to another, within the same file. If you prefer something a bit quicker than cut/paste and with less chance of human-error. It will also remember your individual preferences for each file so it is even quicker to use next time around.

Search Drive for files owned Add-on

Enter an email address to find all of the Google Drive files that are owned by that account and export the results into a Google Sheet for easy viewing.

It is easy to search for the names of files within Google Drive, but what happens when there are a lot of results that you need to go through?! Scrolling continuously down the page becomes quite clunky and frustrating, so with this tool you can perform that same search in a Google Sheet but have the results collated into the Sheet also, so they are much easier to then work with.