Tuesday 26 January 2021

Get your Zoom meeting settings via the API

The following blog post is a continuation from the connecting to the Zoom API via OAuth one here (please familiarise yourself with it before proceeding).

Now that we are able to successfully get an Access Token after authenticating our account we can use it to call various Zoom APIs. Here we will access user settings in your Zoom account, specifically the meeting settings, and log the results in a Google Sheet. This provides both a way of confirming we have made a successful connection and will allow us to create subsequent Zoom meetings using these settings.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Connect to Zoom API with Apps Script and OAuth

The following blog post is about connecting to the Zoom API by creating a Zoom OAuth App and then using a Web App designed in Google Apps Script. Our aim here is to return an Access Token which could then subsequently be used to access Zoom account data (eg your profile, meetings, etc).

Here are some useful links:


Process overview

There are a set of steps that we need to complete in order to achieve successful authentication (connection with our Zoom account via the Zoom API):

  1. Have a user visit a dedicated URL (which comes from our Web App).
  2. This URL is attached to our Zoom OAuth App and upon a user visiting, it returns an Authorisation Code.
  3. Our Web App then uses this Authorisation Code along with the Client ID and Client Secret (generated when we created the Zoom OAuth App) to make another request that finally returns an Access Token, valid for 1 hour.
  4. Further blog posts will explore how we then get Zoom account data, create meetings, etc with the Access Token.