Thursday 24 January 2019

Batch get existing folder IDs & names - version 2.0

The following Google Apps Script is a revisit of this blog post for batch getting folder IDs and names from existing Google drive folders. I have made 2 changes/improvements:
  1. The output array created at the end of the getFolders function is now 1-D. In reality it did not need to be a 2-D array (as in the original post) because it only contained one set of data. This also means we no longer need to specify output[0] when appending the data in the pasteData function.
  2. Using 'appendRow' rather than 'getLastRow' - this was an extra unnecessary step as it meant we also needed to 'getRange' in order to use the last row. Now however data will always be written to the next empty row.
Here is an updated version of the code:

Get existing Folder IDs/Names - version 2.0.xlsx

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