Tuesday 9 May 2023

Google Add-on: Bulk Rename Files update May 2023

What it does

Bulk rename Google Drive files quickly and easily with this Add-on. You define exactly what you want to search for in the file name and the text to replace it with. Along with options for handling special characters and append/prepend to the existing file name. Works across My/Shared drives.


  • Sequential numbering
    • Append/prepend a sequential number to the existing file name that will automatically increment as it loops through the files.
    • In the search text enter '<<SEQUENCEXX>>' where 'XX' is the number sequence you wish to use (it can be more/less that 2 digits long). In the replacement text enter a combination of '<<SEQUENCE>>' and '<<KEEPNAME>>' depending on if you want to append/prepend.
    • Original file name example 1: 'My sample file'.
    • New file name example 1: 'My sample file 01'. So search text would be '<<SEQUENCE01>>' and replacement text '<<KEEPNAME>> <<SEQUENCE>>'.
    • Original file name example 2: 'Building code'.
    • New file name example 2: '005 Building code BC'. So search text would be '<<SEQUENCE005>>' and replacement text '<<SEQUENCE> <<KEEPNAME>> BC' .
Add sequential numbers to existing file names

Demo Video

Find out more

Bulk Rename Files Add-on webpage - includes instructions and a demo videos.

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