Tuesday 14 February 2023

Google Add-on: Convert Drive Files

What it does

Bulk convert Google Drive files quickly and easily with this Add-on. Convert between Google, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.

Point the Add-on at a Google Drive folder, select the file types you want to convert, select your destination folder and whether you want the original file to be deleted, then hit go!

Saves having to go into each file individually, selecting the file type to download and then selecting the save destination.

Convert File Types

Google Doc™ to PDF | Microsoft Word™ | OpenDocument Text | Rich Text Format | HTML

Google Sheet™ to PDF | Microsoft Excel™ | OpenDocument Spreadsheet

Google Slide™ to PDF | Microsoft PowerPoint™ | OpenDocument Presentation

Google Drawing™ to PDF | JPEG | PNG | SVG

Microsoft Word™ to PDF | Google Doc™ | OpenDocument Text | Rich Text Format

Microsoft Excel™ to PDF | Google Sheet™ | OpenDocument Spreadsheet

Microsoft PowerPoint™ to PDF |Google Slide™ | OpenDocument Presentation

Plain Text to Google™ Doc | Microsoft Word™


More being added ...

Find out more

Convert Drive Files Add-on webpage - includes instructions and a demo video.

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