Tuesday 22 June 2021

Bulk create Shared drives with permissions

The following Google Apps Script is designed to bulk create Google Shared drives all from data in a Google Sheet. It has been packaged into a downloadable tool that you can easily use.

  • Provide the name of the Shared drive on each row in column A.
  • Provide the email address(es) of the Google Account(s) under the relevant Access level column (Manager, Content Manager, Contributor, Commenter, Viewer). Use a comma and a space to separate multiple email addresses, eg: example1@example.com, example2@example.com, example3@example.com.
  • Ensure you include at least one Manager - the script will check for this - so as to prevent creating a Shared drive that you are then unable to access.
  • On the 'Config' sheet provide the column numbers - leave the default values unless you change the structure of the 'Data' sheet and move columns around.
  • The 'Log' sheet should help to troubleshoot any errors you experience, but there will also be a popup message should the script fail at some point.
Bulk create Shared drives from a Google Sheet
Bulk create Shared drives from a Google Sheet

Enable Drive API Service

Make sure you have followed the instructions here to enable the Drive API Service if you are creating this from scratch yourself.


Bulk create Shared drives with permissions download here (please use 'File' > 'Make a copy' for your own version).

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