Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Bulk create Google Drive folders with a sub-folder

The following Google Apps Script is designed to bulk create Google Drive folders along with a sub-folder from data given in a Google Sheet (eg to name the folders and add permissions).

This tool and blog post is largely a continuation of this one for bulk creating Google Drive folders. The main difference being that there is an extra column to provide the name of your sub-folder. Note that the tool will try to create a sub-folder regardless of what is entered - as I was just aiming to create a version for the many requests I got from the previous blog post from people who wanted a sub-folder.

Use data within a Google Sheet to bulk create Folders and add permissions
Bulk create Google Drive folders from a Sheet of data


Download the Bulk create Google Drive folders with a sub-folder here. Please use 'File' > 'Make a copy' for your own version.



  1. Hi, this script is great but I wonder if is there a way to add multiple folders within a created subfolder? ie.
    First folder/ (Name)
    sub folder 1/ (Order number)
    sub folder 2 + 3 + 4 ... (Items)
    If that makes sense to you.

    1. Hi Darren

      Yes there is. This blog post may help slightly with loops and passing Parent IDs: https://www.pbainbridge.co.uk/2020/02/bulk-create-test-foldersfiles-in-google.html

      Kind regards