Tuesday 26 November 2019

Add data to an SQL Table in Apps Script

The following code combines Google Apps Script and SQL to insert an ad-hoc entry (row of data) into an existing Table. This post follows on from this one for creating an SQL Table in Apps Script.

As before we begin by creating a statement for sending SQL code to the database. Then we can 'execute' the given SQL statement to 'insert into' the existing students Table the values provided.
var student = stmt.execute('INSERT INTO students'
                            + " VALUES ('456789', 'Donald', 'Duck', '9');"

4 values have been provided to match the 4 columns contained within the students Table:
  1. StudentNo - 456789
  2. FirstName - Donald
  3. LastName - Duck
  4. Shoesize - 9

Add data to an SQL Table in Apps Script

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