Monday 24 December 2018

Create a calendar event from a spreadsheet

The following Google Apps Script code is designed to send an event invitation to a number of assignee's for the date their name is against, along with a room location. For a couple of years I project managed our annual summer rebuilds which involved the help of other technical assistants who would be assigned a room to attend on the day rebuilds were scheduled. During my JavaScript learning I decided to use this small project as a way of trying out some functions that could automate creating a calendar event automatically for each person.

A number of the functions have been described in my other blog posts (Check cell colour, Get date for email event, Lookup email address), here I now combine them all. By changing the cell background colour I can provide a way to safely repeat the function should an issue occur - or more likely, if there is a change in assignee.

In terms of the calendar event this is managed via 'CalendarApp' and it will create the event in your default calendar, subsequently inviting the assignee. 'createEvent' is used to set the title, start/end details, along with extra options - location, guests (to invite the assignee), etc.

Calendar Event from Sheet.xlsx

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