Friday 9 November 2018

Copy file into folder if not exist

The following PowerShell code was my first attempt at automating the copying of files to a large number of PCs (simplified to a single file for the purpose of this example). The destination folder already existed and contained a number of other files, hence the need to check the source file did not exist before copying. The results are additionally outputted to a log file as 100+ PCs were queried and any that failed needed to be followed-up.

Improved version.

#Text file of PCs to query
$targetPCs = Get-Content "C:\User Files\LabVIEW\LabVIEWPCs.txt"

#Location on remote PC to copy file to
$targetdirectory = "C$\PTL\YR1 FOUNDATION LAB\"

#Location on my PC where file exists
$sourcedirectory = "C:\User Files\LabVIEW\Files\*"
$file1 = "2017-18_Y1_Lab1_FoundationElectronics_2.exe"

#Variable to later output a log of results
$output =

#Take each PC in the text file in turn
ForEach ($computer in $targetPCs) {

    #Check file does not already exist on remote PC
    If (-Not(Test-Path "\\$computer\$targetdirectory\$file1")) {
        #Copy file, display success in PowerShell console, write success to .csv log
        Copy-Item -Path $sourcedirectory -Destination \\$computer\$targetdirectory\$file1
        Write-Host "$computer, FoundationElectronics_2.exe copy success" -ForegroundColor Green #Display output in console
        Write-Output "$computer, FoundationElectronics_2.exe copy success" #Display output in log file

    #If file already exists then just log the results
    Else {
        Write-Host "$computer, FoundationElectronics_2.exe already exists" -ForegroundColor Yellow 
        Write-Output "$computer, FoundationElectronics_2.exe already exists"
#Log above 'Write-Output' to a .csv to keep track of results
$output | Out-File 'C:\User Files\LabVIEW\File Copy.csv' -Append

Copy file into folder if not exist.ps1

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